Beautifully Broken

As a road cyclist, I often seek out roads that are well paved and sparsely travelled – no bumps, no dangers, and no distractions. Although we might wish our journey through life were the same, we are faced with the reality that this is not heaven, where only therein are the streets paved with gold. … More Beautifully Broken

Learning to Rest

(Reprinted from I have been mostly off the bike for the past few weeks due to some personal health concerns. For someone always on the move, being still has been very difficult. Much of my world up to now has revolved around my passion, which is cycling. With it unexpectedly taken from me due … More Learning to Rest

Construction in Progress

Construction: it’s the bane of every cyclist. To find out that our favorite Strava route or segment is under construction is among the worst things we can imagine happening to dampen our riding spirits.  With the immediate loss comes a temporary inconvenience, which can overshadow the positive, future benefits the improvements will bring. We can be the same way … More Construction in Progress