About Finish Strong

Finish Strong is a Christian non profit 501(c)(3) public charity. Their primary mission is to spread the word of Christ through the sport of cycling.  The organization is comprised of two teams through which the mission of Finish Strong is accomplished.

Endurance Team:

The Finish Strong Endurance Team welcomes endurance athletes of all ages who want to spread the Word of Christ through their sport. The Endurance team consists of unsponsored Category 2/3/4/5 racers, avid cyclists of all levels and triathletes. Athletes who wish to join the mission of Finish Strong as part of the endurance team may register on the team website.

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Elite Cycling Team:

The Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team is an invitation only Domestic Elite Category 1 Team that races throughout the United States.  In addition to the Domestic Elite team, they have an Elite Master’s 35+ team and a Women’s Pro 1 team. The team provides young cyclists opportunities to compete at all levels with team assistance in their overall racing and professional development. Elite team members also support the overall mission of the Finish Strong organization.

Finish strong supports various charitable causes through hosting events, and partnerships with other local organizations. Throughout the year, Finish Strong athletes partner with other organizations to support charitable causes. Finish Strong also organizes, promotes and executes events to financially support and bring awareness to our organization and other charities.