Anderson’s Monday Medley Ride

20180818_200347What better way to start of the week than to get involved with a local group ride? If you can make it down to Moore, SC for a 6:00PM start on Monday nights, you will be treated to some fine cycling with plenty of options for beginners as well as more advanced riders.

The cycling community in the greater Spartanburg area is blessed to have the Monday Medley courtesy of Chris and Gloria Anderson, who host the weekly ride and generously provide cold watermelon afterwards.

There are three groups available, with a variety of routes that take you through areas such as Woodruff, the Vineyards, or even Horseshoe Falls on occasion.  The routes change weekly, a plus for those that enjoy a refreshingly new experience each time.

A Group:
Pace: 18+ mph

B Group:
Pace: 16-17 mph

C Group:
Pace: 14-15 mph

Typical Routes:
Woodruff: 30-32 miles
The Vineyards: 30-38 miles
Horseshoe Falls: 42 miles

Upon first impression, I found that the groups were well run and organized. I observed that the rides attract a committed following each week, with well over 30 cyclists in attendance on the day I came out.

Having joined the A group for my first outing, we were originally slated to head out to Woodruff, but a game time decision by the group changed the destination to Horseshoe Falls. Our ride leader, Tony McAbee did a great job leading and ensuring the safe return of everyone present. On this day, the A group included a couple of popular (undesignated) sprint zones, which are optional. For those wanting to put the hammer down, there are plenty of opportunities to get a killer workout suited to your liking!

In my opinion, the unique character of the Monday Medley Ride makes for a distinctly different experience from the other groups that meet during the week. If you’re tired of the same old routes in your current routine, come out to the Monday Medley for a pleasant surprise!

To get more information on this, and other group rides in the Upstate, sign up with the eRide forum in Yahoo Groups.


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