Ice Cream Ride


A most delicious name for a group ride, I would argue, and this group, which was formed in the last couple of years, is growing in popularity… and not just for the tasty treats that welcome participants upon the conclusion of their ride.

The ride heads out from Strawberry Hill in Chesnee, South Carolina, where the ice cream parlor serves up its own homemade ice cream, with enough varieties to satisfy just about any preference. There are three groups that currently participate:

18-19 Avg: Approximately 30 miles

16-17 Avg: Approximately 28 miles

14 Avg: Approximately 25 miles

Groups roll out at about 6:00 PM. The terrain is familiar to me as the area is popular with other groups that ride through the same area. The roads travelled are fairly quiet country routes that offer mostly gently rolling terrain with the occasional climb for variety.  Sometimes the route changes to suit the needs of the group and to ensure a timely return before the ice cream parlor closes.  Dogs and hazardous road surfaces are conspicuously absent on this ride, which is always a welcome relief!

For those hot summer evenings, I can’t think of a better way to wind down after a good workout than to enjoy the growing country twilight with some cycling friends and a cool, smooth, creamy dessert. The regulars are good folks who are easy going and easy to get to know.

Food Larry and Frank relaxing outside Strawberry Hill
Betsy and Kenny enjoying some ice cream
The group gathers for the after ride social

For more information on this, and other group rides in the Upstate, sign up with the eRide forum in Yahoo Groups. See you on the roads!


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