Watermelon Ride

Watermelon Ride

If you are an Upstate cyclist, you know that Boiling Springs is a focal point of much of the local cycling scene in the Spartanburg area. With an explosion of growth in the community, cycling is an increasingly popular activity. Group rides occur almost every day of the week, and one of the most well attended is known by veteran cyclists as the “Watermelon Ride”.

The Watermelon Ride is an organized weekly event, held seasonally every Tuesday evening at 6:00 PM, weather permitting. There are several groups from beginner to A+.  Typical groups include:

20+ average

17+ average, around 32 miles

15-16 average, 27+ miles

14+ average, about 20 miles

Having participated numerous times thus far, I have found Tuesdays to be one of my favorites. It has a wide variety of ride types to suit just about every mid-week group ride experience desired. There are beginner rides for those who seek an intimidation-free way to get involved in group cycling as well as options for those wanting an intensive workout.


Watermelon Ride 2
Photo credit: Cheri Tutterow


Being true to its name, there are post-ride social gatherings which include some of that namesake watermelon goodness which hits the spot after burning a few calories in the saddle.

For more information on this, and other group rides in the Upstate, sign up with the eRide forum in Yahoo Groups. See you out there!


Watermelon Ride 1
Photo credit: Cheri Tutterow



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